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Versuchsanordnung 4: Dichterliebe?



Versuchsanordnung 4: Dichterliebe?


A community-project by Sabine Simon


People with and without a migration background such as the Kassel "streetbolzer", musicians from the independent scene, art students and other "experts in everyday life" have come together for Sabine Simon's project in the series EXPERIMENTAL ARRANGEMENTS. Versuchsanordnungen.


This time, the starting point and subject of the joint survey is the art song of German romanticism with its insatiable longing for belonging and desperate search for love. The choice fell on Schumann's song cycle 'Dichterliebe', the lyrics of which came from Heinrich Heine.


The experimental arrangements that Sabine Simon developed at the Kassel State Theater understand the stage space as an open archive in which people, movements, identities and movements are kept: small moments of truthfulness that condense into a complex whole.

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