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I am a freelance dancer, movement artist, performer and teacher.

My understanding of dance and movement was shaped, enriched and deepened by conventional techniques as well as by somatic and sensory work.

In 2010 I completed my training as a contemporary stage dancer at SOZO visions in motion in Kassel and since then I have been working freelance.

Years of intensive practice, years of research and understanding, translation and artistic implementation passed. In the past twelf years I have worked with various companies and choreographers, such as: Iris van Peppen, Michael Langeneckert, Laurent Chetouane, Maya M. Carroll, Johannes Wieland, AktionTheaterKassel, MUTE Comp. Copenhagen, Valentina Cabro, Pavlos Kountouriotis u. a.

I am inspired by cross-pollination through interdisciplinary collaborations - how multifaceted different genres can feed and enrich each other.

I appreciate improvisation in collaboration with musicians and have produced a wide variety of performance works in collaboration with poets, actors, filmmakers and visual artists.

Over the past few years, over 25 works have been created, from solo to extended group pieces, in which I have been involved, both in creation and as a dancer and performer. These have been performed occasionally in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Marocco.

I was also involved in the founding of various collectives, these are: the Belka & Strelka collective, tanzwerk Kassel e.V. and Kompanie OFFSPACE.

By sharing my work, I want to make it accessible to others that I have a deep dedication to make the power and poetry of dance and its physicality visible and tangible.


Photo: Stephan Rech

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