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„Nothing exists alone.

All things can only exist in relationship."


My interest, my passion, is the body and its delicate connection intertwined with the mind. The limitless and complex possibilities to work with the body and mind as expressive instruments, to carry a story, express a viewpoint, limn a character, create an environment, a landscape. Its an infinite universe to explore… this awakens in me an constant eager to continue my work.


While I was questioning and researching during my studies I started to teach dance (2009) exploring and developing new ways of teaching dance and improvisation both philosophically and practically.

I have a profound respect for the art of teaching.

My inspiration to teach grows out of the experience of dancing. I love to experiment, to play, to sweat, to touch and be touched. 


Movement Research continues to provide a home base for all aspects of my research.

Noticing as the dynamics of group and space become composition and community.

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