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the inside sky



The Inside Sky


Four dancers deal with inner and outer freedom, personal desires and external realities and the search for compatibility.


The structure is based on the past, the essence on the present. The structure is reactive, it is related to the desire to do something, the effort, it is constantly on the lookout for something that it desires, that it needs, it is always greedy and unfulfilled, its gaze is directed outwards. The essence, on the other hand, knows no effort, is not geared towards action, does not need anything, is full, rests in itself.

(from: Love with open eyes; Jorge Bucay)


Concept + choreography: Mirjam Rauch

Dance + Performance: Verena Piwonka, Marianne Linder / Louisa Jacobs, Mareike Steffens and Mirjam Rauch


Photo: K.-H. Mierke

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