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the lingering

In the interplay between two artists, perceptual landscapes are formed by aesthetic traces and sediments in space.

One body, three backsides, breathing the secrets, playing green and orange. Could my garden be my outermost skin, a part of me, which is connected with every personal change and growth. Only where thoughts sprout, blooming fantasies fall on fertile ground. If I imagine my body to be one single garden of joy. I linger in it as long as I want.

Choreography Deborah Smith-Wicke

Co-creation & Performance Hannah Breuker, Aurora Magrí, Mareike Steffens

French horn Kathi Helbig

Dramaturgy Gabriela Branco

Costumes Michaela Kirschberger

Stage Michaela Kirschberger, Michael Wicke, Deborah Smith-Wicke

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