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Mind the Gap_
Über die Komplexität von Leer[…]stellen


Allow time to pass until a certain state occurs.

Bridge the gap until something goes further.


In no other situation do we become more aware of the time than in moments of waiting.

Waiting is experiencing time.

Waiting is an existential and at the same time so everyday experience. Sometimes completely absurd.

Everyone waits, almost always: for the right moment, for something to come to an end, for the bus, the great love or for it to finally be your turn.

How we perceive the time that passes while we wait is completely different - depending on external circumstances, on how and what one is waiting for.

In the site-specific dance performance by the duo fine line moves, the dancers Agnetha Jaunich and Mareike Steffens deal with the complexity of waiting, the passage of time and the gaps that open up in the moments when one thing was already and the other is not yet.

A piece about pausing and holding out

Restlessness and immobility,

Unexpected and repetitive.

A piece about the complexity of voids.


concept & dance: Agnetha Jaunich, Mareike Steffens

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