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Pendulum Resonance Rave

Subtle manipulation. It takes place daily within human coexistence. The dance and music performance pendulum resonance rave by the Freiburg group moving orchestra addresses this issue. She physically examines what happens when people are influenced by strange rhythms and thus let themselves be brought out of their own rhythm.

A group of 4 dancers takes the audience on a journey of thought in their movements. Abstract and yet close to everyday life, she shows concrete connections to real life through dance. The dancers react to sounds in the room. You sense and feel their rhythm. The peculiar sounds come from an installation consisting of 4 pendulums with microphones attached to the end.

The pendulum installation generates feedback through loudspeakers on the floor. A musician changes the tones and composes them live anew, so that a given musical environment is created. The dancers respond to her. Under the predominance of sounds, they sound out whether and how their own rhythm can interact with the specification and draw their movements precisely and powerfully in the room. Their bodies talk to each other - and they talk to the audience.

Do we get closer to our own rhythm when we work together? Who gets involved with whom? Do I follow voluntarily or do I allow myself to be influenced by the other? The different rhythms and speeds of the dancers create friction and dependencies. Differences become visible - or harmonies. Are there group dynamics? Or peer pressure? Opportunities open up - and abysses.


concept: Michael Langeneckert/Olaf Pyras

choreographie/production: Michael Langeneckert

installation/composition/Live Musik: Olaf Pyras


dance/creation: Ada Daniele, Mareike Steffens, Robin Rohrmann, Chiara Leonardi


costumes: Juliane Hollerbach


outside eye/dramaturgy: Unita Gay Galiluyo


PR: Julia Klockow


graphic: Bernd Wegener


photos: Karl-Heinz Mierke/Ismael Lorenzo


production: moving orchestra


Co-Production: E-Werk Freiburg

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