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Land)e(scaping inside 
a performative exhibition



A production by SOZO, the Palucca School for Dance Dresden / master's degree program in choreography / master's thesis SS 2010 and Valentina Cabro.


"Every inhabitant of Eudoxia compares the immovable order of the carpet with his own picture of the city, with his own fear, and everyone can find an answer, the narrative of his life, the twists of fate between the arabesques." (Italo Calvino, The Invisible Cities)


Choreography, costume, light: Valentina Cabro


Music: Sascha Henkel & J. S. Bach


Dance: Annika Lisa Oettinghaus, Verena Piwonka, Susanna Horn, Sarah Scheer, Sara Keller, Mirjam Rauch, Mareike Steffens

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