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An experimental location-based movement performance by Mareike Steffens

which image stays after you have left a place?

what is imprinted in the person’s memory you have spent time with?

Rooms are temporary.

They are / offer potential for a shared moment.

We wonder how they continue to resonate in us.

How does a room become a place?

In the experimental performance #kunstausbruch, Mareike Steffens explores the spatial qualities of a shop window. In this semi-public place, performers and passers-by meet in their different scope of perception and action.

The poetry of the picture opens up unexpected approaches, actions and reactions. The fleetingness of the resulting images allows for multi-faceted chains of associations.


A work-in-progress created by the invitation of the Stiftung Kunst und Natur.


Perfomance & Konzept: Mareike Steffens

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