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Le Sacre du printemps

(the rites of spring)



Choreography: original from Hans Henning Paar

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Dance: Anna-Lena Bock (as a guest), Susanne Horn, Lisa Oettinghaus, Mirjam Rauch, Sara Riash, Sarah Scheer, Mareike Steffens, Verena Voss


Hennig Paar about "Le Sacre du printemps" (excerpt from the program booklet ... Kassel 1999):
For me, the music of "Le Sacre du printemps" is very human. Human here does not mean in the sense of humanism, but a music that expresses all human sensations: from the tenderness of love to religiosity to eroticism to the aggression of disappointment and even to fascist group dynamics.

I don't feel the victim's glorification, as Stravinsky's starting point was. For me, it is the broader question of people's desire for sacrifice.

Why does the individual or group of people have to make another person or group of victims again and again?

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