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Dance classes open level

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Dance classes open level

Please feel free to share this offer!

6 Fridays 6.10. - 8.12.2023







every time 8:30-10h in the morning

This class is influenced by contemporary dance, yoga, capoeira, acrobatics, human animal/fighting monkey practices (Stefan Crainic & Josephine Haas, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea) and also my studies in BMC* Body Mind Centering .

We will cover subjects such as joints articulations, body awareness, coordinations, movement situations (games), small movement phrases and improvisation.

A space open for all kind of movement enthusiasts!


professional dancers

martial artists ... and everyone else who loves to explore the body and its sensations in movement in versatile ways.

The price per class will be between 13-18€ sliding scale

If you decide to come to all of them it’s between 70-100€ sliding scale (nach Selbsteinschätzung auf solidarischer Basis)

The exact location where the classes will take place I will announce a few days before each class. It depends also how many people we will be which studio space is fitting and affordable to rent.

If this offer catches your interest get in contact with me!

And if you can pay only less we can hopefully find a way as well!!

Deadline for registration is 25. September 2023!

If there are enough people registered on time and the classes can take place, drop ins, so spontaneous decision-makers are also welcome

There is as well a telegram group where you get further info.

you can join via this link:

Or you get in contact with me via through here:

Im happy to hear from you and move together!


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