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Somatische Spurensuche - Somatic tracing

Updated: Jan 12

something which has been brewing for some time now within me...

Bone & synovial fluid

March 1 + 2 registration by referral until 7.2.24

Fri, 18-20h

Sat, 10-13h

A bodywork workshop that brings you into contact with yourself, opens up opportunities for regeneration and creates space for creative expression.

With movement, experiential anatomy, touch and exchange, this workshop invites you on a journey into the body.

Inspired by various somatic movement practices, in particular the BMC* Body Mind Centering® approach, we will feel into the potential of an opening universe in our body, inviting the nervous system to regulate itself and integrate new impulses.

After a time of arrival, the sessions will include a longer exchange of bodywork, from which we will move into movement and creation, according to our individual needs.

This time the focus will be on the skeletal system and we will also get to know a little about the nature of the fluid in our joints (synovial fluid).

We will use visualizations and somatizations as central principles on our path towards a more lived embodiment and our body-home-land.

As a participant, you are open to touch others, touching yourself and being touched in a mindful way. You pay attention to your own boundaries and what you need for your well-being.

Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) is a form of movement and bodywork based on experiential anatomy and physiology of the human body. Through a somatic approach, immersion in the diverse anatomy is brought to the foreground. You will be invited to explore the essence of a particular physical structure, bones, organs, muscles, fascia, fluids, nerves, senses, etc. and thereby discover certain qualities of movement, such as stability, mobility and balance. Touch, somatization and movement are used for this purpose.

Regular BMC practice can help to notice and overwrite old patterns and reduce overloading of individual body structures.

The work opens up a space for the finest inner movements to unfold in the room, in the environment and in the encounter with others.

Please bring comfortable and warm clothing.

No previous knowledge is required.


 75€ red. / 90€ normal / 100€ support


Info & registration


Kasseler Bank

IBAN: DE87 5209 0000 0122 0046 00

**registration is binding upon receipt of payment of the course fee

location will be announced a few days before the workshop


If you have to cancel up to 14 days before the start of the workshop, I can refund the entire participation fee minus a processing fee of 20€.

From then on, if you cancel at even shorter notice up to exactly 7 days before the start of the first workshop day, there may be a 50% refund of the amount paid, after that no refund is possible. But of course you are welcome to find another person who would come instead of you and pass on your place.

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