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Tikklichtes #1


a dance-sound research based on birth numbers


"Number is word, but not speech ... It is rhythm and music, but nobody can hear it. It has infinite variations and yet it is unchangeable. Every form of life is a special kind of reverberation of numbers. ”Maurice Druon


TIKKLICHTE # 1 is the result of an initial research on this topic.

A dancing systems analyst, three dancers, a musician and a choreographer create compositions from their birth numbers, combine or separate about how they deal with time and explore interfaces, sensuality and emotionality.


Concept / choreography: Ka Dietze
Dance / music: Josefine Wosahlo I Zina Vaessen I Mareike Steffens I Kay Fischer I Reimo Sandau I Ka Dietze

choreographic assistant: Valentina Cabro
Duration: 25 min


Photo: Peter R. Fiebig

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