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Z i i i



Z i i i - is a collaboration between Mareike Steffens and Deva Schubert.


In a 6-week residence, in an old textile factory in Kassel, we experimented with ideas about performance, thoughts that are currently keeping us busy in exchange for our individual artistic interests. We placed a focus on inspiration to develop choreographic material on the temporomandibular joint in connection with associations that we collected for the lemon.


Z i i i - a creative process in which the goal was not set. By making the process as much a goal as sharing the results in a concluding exhibition. We were in dialogue with: ourselves, each other, our environment, our surroundings, ideological and cultural questions, our jaws and the lemons !!!


The result of this process was shown as a one-hour performance in front of an invited audience.


The audience was invited to move freely in the space and thus indirectly to help shape the performative event in real time.


Photo: Kathi Seemann, Anja Köhne

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